Do you use Interlibrary Loan a lot?
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You may request materials by filling in the “Patron Request Form” found at the Library, or you may request by email following these directions:

  1. Go to the site listed above and search for the material(s) you want
  2. Click “add to my list” on the right hand side of the block containing the material information
  3. The “My List” icon in the upper right side of the page should now show “1” instead of “0”
  4. Continue searching and clicking “add to my list” until you have all the materials you wish to borrow
  5. Click the “My List” icon at the top, right side of the page
  6. Review your list for accuracy
  7. Click “email this list” on the bottom left
  8. On the “subject” line, put your name, patron number and contact information (contact information is your phone number or email address)
    **If you skip this step, items will not be ordered**
  9. On the “email to” line, put
  10. We will phone or email as soon as your material(s) arrives.