What’s your Library worth?

For anyone who does not believe the library is worth its weight in gold, let’s talk about that. If the library’s annual budget is divided by the number of people living in Pittsfield ( $78,735.00 /4,120) each person in the community is contributing 19.11 to the library.

The average cost of a new book/DVD/audio is $16.00 plus processing & staff to manage it  (4.50) makes one item’s value $19.50. 

The library has over 13,000 items to loan to you! 

Here is a library calculator. If each person checked out just one book/DVD/audio per year you would be saving money

That does not include the savings a community member receives when they attend a free event hosted by the library, that is paid for by a grant that the librarian writes, receives and reports on.  

The library puts on many, many programs and events throughout the year, even if you don’t read, if you haven’t attended an event, you haven’t gotten your money’s worth.

Consider checking out a movie, book or audio book or attending an upcoming library event soon.